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The speed of modern life can make it nearly impossible for us to function in our personal and professional lives without access to the internet and other electronic data communications. In many cases we cannot complete everyday tasks without access to the Internet.

Infosat offers satellite based solutions meeting a wide variety of data communication goals. These solutions make it simple to browse online, pick up your email from some of the remotest reaches of the planet, or send data in a variety of other ways.

High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet Service

So you work or live beyond the reaches of wired high speed internet and DSL? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you need to forego the convenience of internet access. Infosat offers our HSe satellite internet solution to remote customers across North America. This fixed-dish solution offers remote users the ability to access high-speed satellite internet and internet based applications to meet their business and communication goals.

Short Burst Data Service

A service offered to customers using Iridium data modules and transceivers. Short burst data is a service that’s purpose is to transmit short data messages at pre-set intervals in time. Typically this application is used for tracking, but can be applied to other customer-developed applications as they are created.

Iridium & IsatPhone Pro SMS service

Although text messaging is a data transmission, it actually employs your Voice Calling Services on your Iridium and IsatPhone Pro satellite handsets. Learn more about SMS via Voice Services.


Machine-2-Machine (M2M), SCADA, and Point-of-Sale (POS) are all varieties of low data rate services that are typically employed to meet specific reporting goals for industry applications.

M2M and SCADA are popular in the Energy and Utility sectors. That said, uptake of this technology is increasing and Infosat is seeing it implemented in exciting new ways to monitor remote unmanned sites and other automated applications.

Point-of-Sale or POS data transmissions are used primarily by retail operations and ATM operators to regularly report sales, transactional data, and even inventory levels to a central office.

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