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A Pricing Plan that Flexes to Fit Your Business

Does your business go through data demand cycles that vary based on the phase of the project or the time of year?  Is your data demand a moving target?  Is it low one month and then off the charts the next?

Other satellite connection services make life difficult for clients with fluctuating data needs.  They lock them into contracts that either make them pay for bandwidth they’re not using in slow months or hit them with hefty overage fees during peak periods.  It’s a no win situation.

No More Data Guessing Game

Unless you work with Infosat.  Infosat is the only satellite service provider that doesn’t force you into the data plan guessing game.  If your data demand skyrockets one month and then scales back to almost nothing the next, there are no penalties.

Pay Only for the Data You Use

Infosat’s Flexplan pricing means you only pay for the data you use.  With Flexplan you’re charged a low monthly fee to connect to the network, and then just like a utility, your bill is based on consumption.

If you use a small amount of data, your bill will be small.  If you use more data your bill will be higher.  And you won’t be faced with a big surcharge if your data usage goes above a preset limit.

You don’t have to lock into a set data plan and wince if your business needs change.

Infosat gives you complete flexibility and unprecedented control over your satellite connection costs.

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