Secure connections to your corporate IT network for remote offices with hundreds of workers

Remote facilities are more than resource extraction sites. They are revenue-generating assets and vital hubs of business activity.

Connect to the Core of Your Business

Although geographically distant, remote sites are the core of your business. And because they can drive or derail your profitability, remote operations need to be connected to the centre of your corporate network.

As Accessible as the Office Next Door

Infosat eliminates the distance barriers by providing large bandwidth connections to your most isolated locations. Our voice and data connections make a remote site as accessible as the office next door – even if it’s half a world away.

Infosat enables your remote offices to:

  • Connect voice calls through the normal company phone system
  • Run applications installed on servers at head office
  • Use cloud-based software
  • Give employees full access to email and Internet
  • Maintain a continuous data stream
  • Conduct video conferences

Supporting Worker Morale

Infosat can also help bolster employee morale. The bandwidth that is dedicated to the corporate network during office hours can be reassigned to employee personal use in the evening. Viewing Facebook pages and making Skype calls can help keep your workers feeling connected to loved ones back home.

What Are Your Remote Office Support Needs?

Are you planning a new remote office or looking to upgrade the functionality of an existing site? Here are some factors that we’ll explore with you to design the optimum solution:

  • Where is the office located?
  • What is the business activity of the facility?
  • How many employees work in the office and in industrial roles?
  • How many office computers need links to the corporate network?
  • What software applications do the computers need to connect with?
  • What wireless network coverage do you require?
  • How many phone extensions are needed?
  • What other voice communication systems will you use on site?
  • What Internet access is needed to support worker morale?

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