Communication Service When It’s Needed Most

Immediate field deployment when normal communication infrastructure goes down

When disaster strikes communication is imperative. Having an immediately available communication service is crucial to minimizing both loss of life and damage to vital infrastructure.

Satellite Fills the Gap

In a crisis, conventional communication channels are often unreliable or unavailable. Telco infrastructure may be damaged and cell phone networks overwhelmed by extreme call demand. Frequently emergency teams need to respond to disasters that are off grid.

In these scenarios, satellite communications is an effective and immediately available solution.

Satellite Phones & Mobile Command Post

To help you respond to an emergency, Infosat can supply your team with a fleet of satellite phones and set you up with a mobile command post.

Emergency Response

If you are in an emergency situation and need immediate deployment of voice or data services call us now at 1-877-454-4145 or submit this Emergency Contact Form.

Proactive Preparations

Infosat also equips teams to deal with potential future events. Whether your needs are immediate or longer term, Infosat’s satellite voice services will enable you to:

  • Call for medical aid
  • Arrange for evacuation of victims
  • Report on condition of infrastructure and extent of damage
  • Advise on supplies and equipment needed for clean up and immediate repairs
  • Deploy construction crews and manage logistics
  • Communicate with insurance and regulatory agencies

We can also equip you with data connections, enabling you to:

  • Send photos of damaged equipment and infrastructure
  • Submit damage reports
  • Transmit live video feed
  • Conduct video conference with head office executives

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