Every industrial work site must have programs to protect workers’ health and safety. For remote facilities there’s the extra challenge of maintaining a communication lifeline.

If an accident occurs at a remote site, the employer must be able to immediately summon emergency assistance. This is more than just a sound management practice, it’s a legal obligation.

If there is no voice link to call for help, the facility cannot operate.

Industry’s Most Reliable Satellite Voice Service

Infosat helps protect workers at remote sites through the industry’s most reliable satellite voice service. It’s been a core part of our business since we began operations in 1986.

We offer solutions ranging from portable satellite phones for roaming or lone workers up to systems that combine local two way radio with satellite links for large work camps.

Who Are the Workers You Need to Protect?

Where do you have remote facilities that need a satellite voice link? Do you have workers that travel distant highways?

Do you operate in fringe zones where cell phone coverage can be hit and miss?

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