Infosat helps boost revenues and operating efficiency in your retail operations.

We have satellite solutions designed for a wide range of retailers from individual gas stations on lonely highways to large chains with stores across the country.

Remote Retail POS

We help you make sales and avoid bad credit cards. Secure satellite connections enable off-grid retailers to validate and process credit card transactions in real time.

With an Infosat Point of Sale (POS) solution, sales and profits go up, fraud goes down.

Redundant Communication Links

Satellite communications are also becoming a vital part of operations for retailers in urban areas. If a technical glitch or a clumsy backhoe operator takes a store offline, business shuts down. No sales can be made.

Infosat frees you from being victimized by a single point of failure. We provide retailers with a back up communication link over satellite that sits quietly in the background during normal operations but is ready to come on line at a moment’s notice when it’s needed.

A break in your regular communication channel doesn’t have to grind your business to a halt.

Media Distribution

Satellite communications give retailers a convenient and effective way to distribute digital media to all their locations.

With an Infosat system retailers can send new menus, promotions, audio programming, video feeds and other content using a single transmission source. With one mouse click the new content reaches every location.

There’s no having to send the same material multiple times to deal with incompatible technology. And you don’t have to wait for a franchisee to log in, download and then install large data files.

Infosat helps ensure that a consistent and timely brand message is presented everywhere. And we make the distribution process effortless.

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Do you operate in any remote locations?  Do you have a backup link to keep the business up and running if your regular service goes down?  Do you need to send updated media content to franchisees?

We look forward to learning about your specific needs and equipping you with a solid solution.  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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