Each year Infosat plays a key role in fighting thousands of forest fires across Canada.

Dozens of New Wildfires Every Day

We help provincial agencies relay vital information to wherever lightning strikes or careless campers set the woodlands ablaze. Forest fires are common. On a typical day during fire season dozens of new wildfires ignite.

Covering Millions of Square Kilometers of Forest

The Infosat network covers millions of square kilometers of forestland to make communication possible in even the most isolated regions. This vast coverage area allows agencies to immediately deploy and stay in contact with firefighting crews.

Infosat equips agencies to share the best and latest information with:

  • Agency Headquarters
  • Regional Offices
  • Mobile Command Posts
  • Individual Firefighters

Sharing Vital Information

Having all these players sharing information enables agencies to:

  • Develop a clear picture of each wildfire by gathering information from ground observations, aerial reconnaissance and satellite images
  • Create thorough and informed firefighting plans for each blaze
  • Deploy personnel and equipment to where they are most needed
  • Plan for and manage evacuation programs
  • Monitor fire status and firefighting effectiveness

Infosat’s services are a key element in protecting Canadian forests.

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