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The far north, the deep woods, the open seas. It’s extremely challenging to do business in remote locations. The distances are vast, the climate harsh, the obstacles huge. The stakes are high. You can’t afford any weak links, half-baked promises or flaky cell phone coverage.

Communication Is Essential

The difference between being up and running or completely shut down is communication – having trustworthy connections back to civilization:

  • Voice lines for emergency calls
  • Sensor signals to verify pipeline integrity
  • Data streams for vital IT systems
  • Internet service to connect with colleagues and loved ones back home

The Industry’s Most Trusted Satellite Network

Infosat provides all the communication links you need – delivered across the industry’s most secure, most reliable and most trusted satellite network. Infosat has been the communication backbone of remote business operations for more than 25 years.

The Confidence To Do Business Anywhere

With Infosat you have the confidence to do business anywhere. We equip downtown executives to call the shots on million-dollar-a-day drilling programs in real time. We help utilities monitor the flow of electricity and revenue. We make distant work camps feel more like home. We keep trucking, retail and tourism firms connected and in business.

24/7 Support & Relentless Reliability

Infosat gives you industry-leading 24/7 support. And our focus on reliability is relentless. Our engineering team has been sweating the small stuff since we started operations in 1986. We scrutinize every hardware and software component that touches the network to give you maximum throughput and uptime.

We Make Satellite Simple

Perhaps best of all, we make satellite simple. We engineer complete solutions that are easy to operate, but we spare you the technical details – unless you’re keen to talk antennas, bandwidth and network optimization. If so, we’re excited to have that conversation.

What Are Your Remote Communication Needs?

Do you need data from a backpacking geologist? Do you need to connect a fleet of wireline trucks? Do you need smart phones to work off grid? Do you need an IT network for a backwoods office with a hundred employees? Let’s talk about your business. We’ll provide the reliable solution you need.

Get Connected

Infosat delivers data, voice and Internet to the ends of the earth. Whatever your communication needs and wherever you need to do business, Infosat gets you connected.

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