Communication is a mission critical factor for shipping oil, natural gas and other products by pipeline.

Constant Contact with Remote Devices

Pipeline operators must be in constant contact with a host of remote field devices to verify deliveries, generate invoices, monitor performance, detect leaks and make necessary operational adjustments.

Communication touches every part of your business from field operations and customer service to financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

Essential Communications Conduit

Infosat is the essential communications conduit for pipelines. We keep you connected to your entire network of sensors and reporting devices at injection points, pump stations, compressors, block valve stations and output terminals.

We provide you with a constant stream of machine-to-machine (M2M) data so you can know the status of every piece of equipment in real time.

Serving Leading Pipeline Companies

Infosat provides data transmission services to Canada’s leading pipeline companies who place top priority on signal reliability.

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