Infosat elevates efficiency and worker morale at isolated work camps.

Communication Hub

Infosat serves as the communication hub for mini-cities that house thousands of workers in the mining and petroleum sectors. We help reduce some of the significant challenges faced in remote operations.

Day-to-Day Logistics

Work camp managers and logistics staff rely on our voice, email and Internet connections to carry out a host of day-to-day assignments:

  • Communicate with suppliers
  • Submit reports to head office
  • Access human resources records
  • Deliver online training and safety courses
  • Coordinate worker transportation & supply shipments

Infosat removes the communication gap to help remote sites operate smoothly.

Bandwidth to Boost Morale

When office hours are over, bandwidth that has been used for corporate communications can be dedicated to worker wellbeing. Giving workers a way to stay connected with family and enjoy their favorite websites and social media supports morale.

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