Some of the world’s best fishing and hunting are in the rugged and remote terrain of the Canadian north – hundreds of miles from the nearest cell phone tower.

Being off grid can be part of the attraction for lodges and guiding services that cater to adventure-minded tourists. But in order to keep patrons safe and to manage transportation, supplies and other logistics, the lodges and guides must have communication with the civilized world.

Solutions for Lodges & Guiding Services

Infosat makes these tourism enterprises viable by providing voice and data connections over satellite.

We equip lodges to make phone calls, send and receive email, and connect to the Internet with fixed location equipment.

Guides on the lake or on the trail can take advantage of similar functionality with satellite phones that are rugged, lightweight and portable. They can even let their guests enjoy the full functionality of their smart phones with the Iridium GO!

Keeping Executives Connected

We also enable executives to pursue their hinterland passions without cutting all ties to the office. Portable satellite phones and data transmission devices keep you connected from sailboats, back country trails and foreign locales.

Where is Adventure Calling You?

What level of voice and data service does your lodge need? What questions do you have about satellite services?

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