Technology is playing an ever larger role in the trucking industry. Fleet managers rely on a growing number of applications to communicate with drivers, monitor vehicle location, and gather operating data.

Having consistent data flow is essential. A communication gap is both a management and safety gap.

For fleets that operate in areas with sporadic cell phone service or no coverage at all, Infosat provides reliable voice and data service to keep trucks and drivers connected with central dispatch – no matter how remote the highway they’re travelling.

Full Functionality Anywhere

With an Infosat connection your drivers and dispatchers will be able to take advantage of the full functionality of GPS tracking and your fleet management applications.

  • Communicate via text or voice
  • Relay maps, driving directions and special instructions
  • Dispatch drivers on new assignments
  • Monitor vehicle locations and trip status
  • Protect assets from theft by setting motion alerts in the event of any unauthorized movement
  • Receive email notices when vehicles reach specific milestones to update customers on shipment arrival times
  • Automatically gather fuel purchase and mileage records for regulatory reporting and maintenance planning

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