Disasters happen. Floods, fires, wind storms, snow storms, ice storms, tornados, hurricanes and mudslides can all knock out standard communication services. Technical glitches and manmade emergencies can do the same.

Redundant Communication Links

If your company depends on data to operate, these crisis events can shut down your business – unless you have a backup communication system to keep data flowing.

Backup Links Via Satellite

Infosat protects data-dependent companies from communication breakdowns. We provide backup communication links via satellite that are independent of standard infrastructure.

Ready for Immediate Activation

During normal operations, our systems sit quietly in the background. But when disaster strikes, they can be immediately activated to transmit vital data and keep your business up and running.

Do You Need to be Proactive?

Does your business need data or phone service to operate and service customers? If so, then you need a backup communication system.

Here are just a few of the industry sectors where redundant communication links are essential:

  • Pipelines
  • Utilities
  • Banks
  • Retailers
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Governments
  • Industrial Facilities with Workers to Protect

What Systems Do You Need to Support?

What systems are essential to your business operations? What locations do you need to stay up and connected?

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