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Mining is a data driven industry. Timely access to information from remote sites is essential. You need to gather massive amounts of data from far off locations to advise head office executives, investors and regulators.

The information is required at all stages of the business so you can capitalize on new opportunities and direct operations. Infosat fills your data demand from initial exploration and sampling through to construction and operations. We provide the satellite equipment you need and offer scalable data & voice services that flex to meet your bandwidth requirements.


Infosat supports all exploration phases. For geologists hiking rugged terrain we have solutions that easily fit into the corner of a backpack. We provide satellite phones to handle voice calls and data equipment to transmit high resolution photos and large data files.

During survey, seismic and drilling operations, bandwidth needs increase significantly. The best communication option for these data-intensive applications is transportable equipment that can be mounted on a service truck or at a temporary camp office.


The need for data reaches a new peak during construction of the mine. Having a high bandwidth data connection allows you to transmit live video feeds and very large engineering diagrams between the mine site and offices back in the city. Construction managers can get timely specialist opinions on the project without having to charter a helicopter to fly in the experts.


Once a mine is operational data requirements are typically less intense. Communication with head office becomes more routine with the submission of production numbers and other standard reports.

At this point in the project we scale back your data package. Or if cell phone coverage has reached the site and has the capacity to meet your data transmission needs, we’ll move into the background. The satellite equipment that was so heavily used during exploration and construction can serve as a secure backup communication link.

What Are Your Remote Communication Needs?

Are you exploring new areas? Do you have a new mine on the drawing board? Are you moving into the construction phase?

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