Infosat brings communication to the open seas. We support tug boats, cargo ships, ferries and offshore oil platforms.

We provide reliable voice, data and Internet connections in environments where all that can be seen are waves and sky.

Ferry & Cargo Ship Support

Infosat serves ferries and cargo ships voyaging along coastal waterways, on the Great Lakes and across the ocean, enabling them to:

  • Communicate with port authorities
  • Stay in contact with head office
  • Receive up-to-date weather forecasts and monitor storm conditions

Our satellite connections also enable shipping companies to continually monitor the locations of all their ships using GPS tracking.

Offshore Platform Services

Infosat’s services are an indispensable part of operations for offshore platforms. We provide the essential voice link required by health and safety regulations. Infosat’s voice and email services are vital in coordinating crew transportation and supply shipments.

Direct Drilling Programs from Head Office

Data connections keep offshore platforms tied into the corporate IT network and allow head office executives to view drilling programs in real time. We make it possible for your top geologists to direct offshore drilling right from their offices.

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