Oilfield service companies have made great gains in the past decade in the value they can provide to their customers. By embracing new digital technologies, companies from seismic specialists to production service firms have new levels of intelligence to share with their oil and gas corporate clients.

The Oilfield Service Data Challenge

But the challenge for the oilfield service sector is how to get the information from remote sites to clients in a timely fashion so it can deliver the greatest value.

Relay Data from Anywhere

Infosat can help you solve that problem. We can equip you with a complete communication solution to relay data from any remote project site to your client’s downtown office. It doesn’t matter how far the site is from the nearest highway or cell phone tower.

Optimizing Your Solutions for Satellite

Infosat can also help you optimize software output for satellite transmission. There are more intricacies to satellite than the standard hard wired office network. We’ll advise you on communication protocols and how to best structure data packets so you can make optimal use of bandwidth. We’ll even run advance tests to make sure your solutions are performing properly before you go to the field.

Increase Your Profits

Sending data by satellite helps you deliver a higher level of value to your customers. Based on our experience with scores of oilfield service companies, we’ll advise you on the best business models to increase your profits.

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What data do you collect that is now trapped in the field? What questions do you have about sending data over satellite?

We look forward to learning about your specific needs and equipping you with a solid solution. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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