Solutions for the Petroleum Project Lifecycle

Technical advancements are a constant reality in the oil and gas industry. Sophisticated computer applications are being used from the time a new reservoir is identified until the product reaches the end customer. New programs are continually being developed.

Real Time Data Access

To leverage the power of the new software tools you need real time access to data from the field and well site.

Infosat provides you with the essential data link through all phases of the project lifecycle, no matter how remote the project location. We also give you all the phone line connections you need for health and safety requirements and general communication needs.

Seismic Solutions

Infosat assists you in the quest for new reserves from the first stage of onsite activity. We equip seismic crews with truck-mounted equipment that can relay massive data files for immediate review by geologists at head office.

Drilling & Completions

Similar systems are regularly used by drilling contractors and rig data firms to transmit readings from drilling logs and down hole tools. We make it possible for you to see inside the doghouse right from your desktop.

During the completions phase, satellite communications let you monitor onsite progress and stay in contact with contractors.


Infosat has a variety of solutions for operating wells. We provide data connections for automated machine-to-machine communications. These M2M solutions are ideal for regular production reporting and equipment monitoring. If you have employees travel to remote sites our satellite phones will keep them connected to their supervisors and to emergency help.

Oil Sands

Infosat supports all stages of oil sands operations beginning with seismic and survey data transmission. During plant construction we make it possible to relay detailed blueprints and large engineering diagrams to the job site. You can conduct video conferences with field supervisors and monitor progress with video feeds.

Once a facility is operational, we give you all the bandwidth you need for phone lines, data connections to the corporate network and Internet service to promote worker wellbeing.

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